J.G Carlin & Co. offer Audits as part of our accounting services. We are professionally qualified licenced professional financial bodies.


What Is An Audit?

An audit is a statutory requirement needed for certain companies, the requirements for which are strictly controlled by the Companies Acts. The majority of companies in Ireland are below the statutory audit threshold and therefore are not compelled to get an audit report for their statutory accounts.

Audit Donegal

However, apart from large companies who exceed the thresholds and companies limited by guarantee, medium and smaller companies may also choose to get an audit, whether it be for peace of mind, a requirement of the bank, for a creditor or another stakeholder.


Why J.G Carlin & Co.

Not every accountant can act as an auditor. They need to be professionally qualified and have a licence that is monitored regularly by governance through professional bodies.

We believe that an audit should not only satisfy your compliance and regulatory issues, but also be a vital, informative and value-added experience for you.

We also provide tax compliance services to clients throughout Ireland.


Contact Us About Audit Services

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