Wealth Management

Wealth Management

Through almost 40 years of experience in the industry and through our financial services sister firm CML Financial Limited, we can provide access to a full range of tools to help you manage and grow your wealth wisely.

We can provide you with detailed financial reviews and plot a course for you to invest your money prudently, based on your financial goals for yourself and your family.

Property Investment services

Property Investment

We have extensive experience in helping our clients invest in both retail and commercial property (particularly in the UK), for both personal and pension fund investment, along with sourcing bank funding for these investments if required.

Our services include researching available properties with a view to finding good value for money opportunities which match your needs and resources, travelling to the sites in question to inspect them and travelling to auctions to bid on the properties on your behalf (should this be necessary).

Inheritance and succession planning

Inheritance and Succession Planning

We can help you create a tax efficient succession plan for you, your family and your business, providing you with the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your future is secure and that those you care about are provided for.

In the absence of a will (or if the will is invalid) the rules of intestacy would apply to your Estate. This would mean that for a married person with children, on death, two-thirds of the assets pass to the surviving spouse with the remaining one-third being divided between the children. In most cases, this is not a desirable outcome.

We can create an up to date statement of affairs for you, which can then be used in the drafting of a will in line with your desires. We can also help in drafting a will which ensures that your assets are distributed in as tax efficient a manner as possible, fully utilising any available tax reliefs and credits.