Audit service Donegal


An audit is a statutory requirement needed for certain companies, the requirements for which are strictly controlled by the Companies Acts. The majority of companies in Ireland are below the statutory audit threshold and therefore are not compelled to get an audit report for their statutory accounts. However, apart from large companies who exceed the thresholds and companies limited by guarantee, medium and smaller companies may also choose to get an audit, whether it be for peace of mind, a requirement of the bank, for a creditor or another stakeholder.

Not every accountant can act as an auditor. They need to be professionally qualified and have a licence that is monitored regularly by governance through professional bodies. We believe that an audit should not only satisfy your compliance and regulatory issues, but also be a vital, informative and value-added experience for you.

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Bookkeeping services Donegal


Does bookkeeping eat up a lot of your time, leaving less time to focus on business management and growth? We provide day-to-day financial management and accountancy services to meet the ever increasing statutory compliance burden facing business owners and managers.

We can provide cloud-based accountancy packages which allow you to instantly access accounts, from whatever device they happen to be on, 24/7. Our cloud service enables real time access and easy collaboration. So, for example, you or your staff could enter the invoice information into the system and we can then review this, reconcile your bank account and prepare the VAT return and accounts.

The flexible security system of our cloud service allows the administrator to control which functions each user can access and view, so you have total control over who accesses data and what they can see and do.

We also provide outsourced bookkeeping services whereby a member of our staff can spend a day a week (or more, or less, depending on your needs) at your office assisting you with your bookkeeping needs. This can often be much more cost effective than hiring a full-time bookkeeper.

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Payroll services Buncrana Donegal


We provide a comprehensive accounts building service to audited and non-audited entities ranging from sole traders, partnerships, limited partnerships, joint ventures and audit exempt companies (which is most companies).

We want to ensure that company owners obtain real, tangible value from their accounts, so that they can contribute significantly to the management and control of their business. We aim to achieve a balance between management needs, awareness of underlying costs and the fulfilment of all compliance requirements for your business.

VAT Services


Value Added Tax (VAT) can be an onerous burden for many businesses in terms of time and cost. We provide specialist services to maximise the efficiency of our clients in their basic compliance obligations whilst identifying opportunities to save VAT as well as guarding against potential exposures.

We can help you with VAT Cash Flow management, Revenue VAT audits, strategies to ensure maximum VAT recovery for exempt or partially exempt bodies, VAT on all property transactions including leases, VAT on imports/exports of goods or services, reclaiming VAT on UK VAT suffered and general VAT on cross border activities.

Payroll services Buncrana Donegal


We provide a comprehensive range of payroll services, including start-up, managed and outsourced payroll, all tailored to your needs and budget. We can take care of the preparation of weekly, fortnightly, monthly or other frequency payrolls, computation of all payroll requirements, verification of additions & deductions, PAYE, PRSI, USC and related issues, along with the generation of payslips and payments to employee bank accounts.

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Company Secretarial Buncrana

Company Secretarial

Company law is both complex and detailed, and can be quite onerous on small businesses. The day to day control of a company and its assets puts legal duties on the directors and company secretary. We provide a full range of specialist company secretarial services from incorporation to liquidation and advice on all aspects of company law compliance.

We can form a company for you, register your business name, prepare and submit your annual returns, abridged accounts and all your company secretarial documents to the CRO, prepare minutes of board meetings, advise you on the issue and transfer of shares, change your company name, handle changes of directors and/or company secretary along with a host of other services.